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Links to Other Luton Websites

New pages will added to the Luton section of the Community Archives pages over the coming years. There will eventually be many hundreds of pages. As new pages are added so corresponding additional entries to the following list of links will be added.


The Town Hall June 2010
Luton Borough Council

Courtyard at Stockwood July 2008
Luton Culture



Church of England

Saint Andrews Church September 2009
Saint Andrew’s Church

Saint Marys from the south-east September 2009
Saint Mary’s Church

Saint Matthews Church from the south-east June 2011
Saint Matthew’s Church



Blenheim Crescent Baptist Church September 2009
Blenheim Crescent Baptist Church



The High Town Primitive Methodist Church of 1897 - June 2010
Hightown Methodist Church


Other Christian Churches

2 and 4 Dudley Street Luton Grace Fellowship June 2001
Luton Grace Fellowship



Saint Matthews Primary School June 2010
Saint Matthew’s Primary School


Interesting Buildings

The Hat factory from Guildford Street June 2011
The Hat Factory

The entrance to Luton Station from the footbridge to Midland Road June 2001
Luton Station

Licensed Premises

The Bat and Barrel July 2008
The Bat and Barrel Public House

The Bricklayers Arms High Town June 2010
The Bricklayers Arms Public House

The Heights in July 2008
The Heights Public House

The Jolly Topers June 2010
The Jolly Topers Public House

The Red Lion August 2009
The Red Lion Hotel